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TFL : Central London Bus Review update

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Please find an update on the Central London Bus Review consultation that was held this summer.   The consultation report and updated Equalities Impact Assessments have been published together with a decision summary and next steps document that outlines how, route-by-route, they will proceed with some of the proposals.

There were 21,528 responses to the consultation and a range of views were expressed which were considered carefully. Additional funding provided by the Mayor has allowed some proposals to be reassessed.  4 out of the 16 service changes consulted on, which are all in areas with numerous alternative public transport options and in areas where, following the changes, there will be enough capacity on buses to meet demand.  The consultation was around 16 neighbourhood areas, in which changes were proposed. Only four of the neighbourhoods now will be implemented. These are the plans for Horseferry Road, Fleet Street, Edgware Road and Waterloo. This means 11 out of 57 day or 24-hour route changes will be delivered, and three route withdrawals out of the originally proposed 22. There will also be 4 changes to night bus routes.  Customers will still be able to make the same journeys, with additional interchanges in some instances, in which case they will benefit from the Mayor’s Hopper Fare.