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Welcome to the Chamber

Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce was established in 1908 to work in the interests of the local business community and to help them achieve their full business potential.  The Committee is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who have expertise and experience in the private, public and voluntary sector who meet on a monthly basis.   The group is headed by the Chairman, Mike Langan, who has held the position for over 10 years.  The Chamber has ties with West London Business and works in partnership with many local organisations such as Heathrow Airports Limited, Ward Williams, Uxbridge College and Brunel University.  

Heathrow are proud to be a longstanding member of Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce. By working with the Chamber, and through them connecting with other Hillingdon businesses and organisations, we are better able to deliver on our commitment to help develop skills, create jobs and encourage growth in the Hillingdon area. The Chamber works tirelessly to provide invaluable networking opportunities which we take advantage of, to engage with local businesses of all sizes. We are grateful to the Chamber for working alongside us on the Heathrow Business Summit to offer further opportunities for their members to connect with the airport supply chain, and look forward to seeing our working relationship thrive for years to come in what is going to be an exciting time for the airport and for the West London business community.

Sundeep Sangha, Head of Economic Development

Heathrow Airports Limited

Age UK Hillingdon is a charity which works solely in the Borough, providing a wide range of services to help older local people get the most out of later life. Joining the Chamber of Commerce has helped us in many ways. It has presented me with many networking opportunities which have led to both financial donations to the charity as well as many offers of goods in kind and pro bono help.  Aside from this  type of support, it has also enabled me to promote the work of the charity to a wider audience which has helped to raise awareness of our services which in turn has made a significant difference to the lives of older people in our area. My role at Age UK Hillingdon is as much about driving people to use our services as it is to raise money to fund those services and the Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce has helped and supported me greatly in this. I would heartily recommend membership as you never know what opportunities may present themselves.

Lesley McGinty, Income Generation and Communications

Age UK, Hillingdon

Our Newest Members
Waiv Marketing Services

Waiv Marketing Services

Contact: Amerit Rehnsi

Tel: 07930 378721
Email: info@waivmarketingservices.co.uk
Website: www.waivmarketingservices.co.uk
Social Media Handles: www.facebook.com/WAIVMarketingServices
Instagram: WAIV DigitalMarketingServices

WAIV (Websites and Internet Videos) are digital marketers based in the London Borough of Hillingdon. We concentrate on creating stand out websites and impactful online videos that engage with your audience and work effectively for your business.

Online videos are extremely practical at connecting with potential customers. They can be used on your website, in a presentation or on social media.
We offer a range of additional digital services to help you improve the performance of your business or website, including social media management, local business marketing, logo design and product photography.

Phuyal Limited

Phuyal Limited

Contact: Anjani Phuyal

Tel:0208 0047005
Email: info@phuyal.co.uk
Website: www.phuyal.co.uk
Social Media Handles: https://www.facebook.com/PhuyalLimited/

About Us

We are a multinational company with headquarters in London, branch offices in Australia, Bangladesh and Nepal. We provide services in IT including cloud Consulting ,Software and Application Development.

Our Services
– Cloud computing Services
– IT Monitoring
– Web Hosting
– Web Development
– Open Source Solutions
– Search Engine Optimization

Our Partners

– Amazon Web Services
– Microsoft Azure
– Alibaba Cloud
– Google Gsuite
– Barracuda
– Nagios
– Tspotinst
– neo4j
– vmware

Fresnel Evergreen Limited

Fresnel Evergreen Limited

Contact: Christian Fumic

Fresnel Evergreen Ltd
27A Maxwell Road Northwood HA6 2XY
Tel: 07876 887 634
Email: christian@fresnelevergreen.com
Website: https://fresnelevergreen.com


My name is Christian Fumic and welcome to Fresnel Evergreen – we are a digital sales and marketing agency that offer a done-for-you service. We interview you and use your answers to generate 31 x Blogs, 369 x Social Media posts, an eBook Lead Magnet, 11 x Videos Scripts, 8 x Website pages, 15 x emails, and a Webinar.

We schedule and drip feed your 369 x social media posts across all of your platforms to drive traffic back to your 31 x blogs. We use your blogs to encourage your traffic to click onto your Lead Magnet where they can sign up and become interested email subscribers.

Once you start generating a growing list of interested email subscribers on autopilot, we use your 11 x Videos, 8 x Website pages, 15 x emails, and your Webinar to build trust, grow relationships and prove that you are an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

As a business owner we know you can’t afford to waste time or money on a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t create a return on your marketing investment. We also know that you simply don’t have the spare time or the technical knowledge to create everything that is required to generate a predictable, consistent flow of highly qualified sales leads who can get on a call with you and be converted into ideal clients.

But we do know that you have enough time for a 1 hour meeting.

And when I say done-for-you service, we load up your 31 x Blogs onto your website, then we fully optimise all of your social media platforms and set up your Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Advertising and Remarketing.

Then we schedule your 369 x posts and start posting them across all of your social platforms on your behalf to increase your organic reach, generate traffic to your website and start building your online community.
Then we run specific ad campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. We run unique remarketing campaigns across all platforms that drives even more traffic into your content so you can convert them into interested email subscribers and ideal buying clients.

To help you understand how we do this for you, we’ve created an eBook guide and a short video series, that shows you WHY it works. It’s working for us right now, it’s working for our clients and now we want it to work for you.

We’ve simply taken an online digital sales and marketing strategy that’s incredibly complex and completely overwhelming, and simplified it into a process – a system – of 3 core elements, that have an underpinned quantifiable return on your marketing investment.

We use a specific mapping system that forms the basis of the entire digital marketing strategy. We will teach you this same strategy and you can use the map yourself.

We call it the Growth Funnel Journey and this is a Framework that simplifies everything into 3 core elements – Your Social Media Marketing – Your Lead Magnet and your Sales & Marketing Funnel.

This is how you get from Point A – frustrated, confused and maybe overwhelmed with limited success from your current digital marketing activities – to Point B – Using the Growth Funnel Journey marketing strategy to generate a consistent, predictable and highly qualified flow of interested email subscribers who can be converted into sales leads and then converted into profitable sales.

Pink Fluff HR Consultancy

Pink Fluff HR Consultancy

Contact: Shivani Halford

Tel: 07913180220
Email: hello@pink-fluff.co.uk
Website: www.pink-fluff.co.uk

Pink Fluff HR Consultancy that works with businesses to help grow through their people.

Gives business owners peace of mind knowing they are compliant within Employment Law by having the right HR policies and procedures in place. Shapes company culture so that everyone can be the best version of themselves. Time is given back to business owners so that they can focus on what they do best. bring back the ‘Human’ in Human Resources.

With over 20 years experience and extensive knowledge in the field of HR , Pink Fluff can adapt to any sector and always find that solution.

Happy people – Happy profits

What can Pink Fluff do to help you?

There are plenty of circumstances where Pink Fluff can help you, the services will vary on what you need. To give you an idea – we offer coaching, advising and support to you or your teams on the phone, via email or face to face. If you prefer, a situation or task can be handled by Pink Fluff on your behalf. Below are some of the services that Pink Fluff can provide for you – it’s not an exhaustive list (plus don’t want to switch you off) these are the top 5 areas broken down to give you an idea:

Employee handbook

An employee handbook is used by employers as a way of providing the company a consistent set of policy, procedures, responsibilities and expected behaviour. A bespoke handbook can be written to reflect your business, style and values.


It’s understandable that employees get ill and may need time off for that short term sickness or a longer term absence. All absences effect the productivity of your business. We can have a chat to understand the circumstances, agree clear guidelines and steps to resolution, supporting you every step of the way


There will be times where an employee is a little late too often and it is beginning to affect morale or becoming disruptive to your team and business. However, you rely heavily on them – where do you start? How do you handle those types of conversations? And yes they can be uncomfortable. We can advise, coach and support those ‘difficult conversations’ when they need to happen. As well as helping you with policies and procedures to ensure those ‘difficult conversations’ are kept to a minimum.


Do you have an employee who has lost interest and it is beginning to have an affect on their work or just needs that extra support to improve in an area of their work? You want your employees to love the business as you do. Employee engagement is important and Pink Fluff can work with you to put in place a performance management structure to get the most out of your team.

Pink Fluff HR Admin Online – Hr Software for growing your business

The success of your company is about managing your employees — not paper. By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, Pink Fluff HR Admin Online is a cloud HR software solution designed to tame the chaos so that you can get out from behind the desk and lead your people. Cumbersome HR systems are officially a thing of the past. Keeping all your employee information in one place and automating all those time consuming human resource administrative tasks, Pink Fluff HR Admin Online transforms the way you do HR. With customisable reports, automated and streamlined processes,this HR system gives you the tools you need to support your business.

In addition, by using this HR software you can keep all your employee data and documents in one place and this can help with GDPR.

And the icing on the cake is that it is affordable.

Book your free consultation now to see how Pink Fluff can help you and your business.

Tiger Trophies Ltd.

Contact: Tracy Morris

Tel: 020 3327 6279
Email: sales@tigertrophies.co.uk
Website: www.tigertrophies.co.uk
Social Media Handles: Facebook

We are a friendly and experienced company with over 30 years experience in the business. We offer a huge range of engraved trophies and awards to suit all sports & occasions including corporate awards, association & committee presentations, schools, and for those fun & friendly competitions with a variety of designs and budgets available. We can personalise your awards with name of award/ team/players name etc. Please contact us for a quote.

Simply select your chosen trophies, awards, gifts, medals, cups & shields from our catalogues on our website, complete the order form with engraving instructions where required, we will then send order details and costs to you for confirmation to proceed.

Having spent many years coaching grass roots sport we aim to exceed your expectations with special junior sport offers.

On a budget

We have stock items at reduced prices for the majority of sports & occasions, contact us with your requirements and we will confirm what we can provide. Engraving is also available.

We look forward to hearing from you, no job too big or small!