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Prime Minister’s Czar Launches ‘Help for Households’ Campaign

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The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been in discussions with No 10 and Chambers in London regarding a campaign that the Prime Minister is launching to help people with the cost of living. David Buttress (former Just Eats CEO) has been brought in to lead the campaign and has been working with major UK businesses as part of the Government’s Help for Households initiative.

The aim of the campaign is that if retail and hospitality businesses agree to cut prices for consumers during this cost of living crisis, the Government will, in return, promote those businesses via a major advertising campaign that will begin very shortly. Those businesses’ brands would potentially be promoted on a very regular basis by the Government in a major London and UK wide advertising push.

Large retailers have already signed up to this campaign. The Government has encouraged many large retailers to redirect funds that were used in other areas of their operations, such as CSR work, to be redirected towards price cuts for customers. Any interested members can be briefed further on this.

Some businesses may donate to food banks and we have been advised that firms who do this will also be promoted in the campaign.

The Prime Minister’s Cost of Living Czar is very keen to know of any interested businesses who wish to explore taking part in this campaign.  Please email to express your interest.