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Moore Kingston Smith : Webinar recording: Enterprise Series: 2022 – a turbulent year. What next?

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The panel discussed some of the changes brought about by an unstable year due to many factors. They also looked at what could be in store for 2023 and highlighted the areas where we are advising clients to take extra caution or plan to avoid affected by further changes to legislation or circumstances.

They covered:

  • The news this year in the world of payroll and people
  • The people challenges that businesses may face in 2023 and beyond
  • What businesses should be aware of and start preparing for in the next 1-2 years
  • What surprises the Spring Budget may include
  • Whether or not this government may scrap the non-dom rules
  • How the changes made to the R&D tax regime impact UK SMEs
  • Which businesses need an ESG strategy
  • What ESG means
  • Standards for ESG reporting
  • The impact of ESG on different sectors

Watch recording here

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