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Celebrating David Brough’s 50 years working for the Community

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On Monday 20 June there was a celebration in Hayes. Mr A S Puar, Chairman of the Hayes Town Business Forum, organised a special event to mark David Brough’s 50 years of working for the community in Hayes (he had been hoping to hold the event in 2019 but it had to be delayed because of the pandemic).

David started as an employee of Hillingdon Council on 1 December 1969 at the Town Hall of the former Hayes & Harlington District Council (now Barra Hall) and went onto work for them for 38 years until retirement in 2007. He became Chair of Hayes Town Partnership shortly after.

It was splendid evening with over 100 people present and David spent much of the time blushing at the lovely things people said. He received two trophies donated by the Business Forum.  The picture shows the Mayor, Councillor Becky Haggar, presenting David with a trophy on behalf of the Forum and John McDonnell MP presented him with another one on behalf of the community as a whole.