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Please see below advice given by the London Borough of Hillingdon’s Business Rates team

Important Coronavirus Support

The Government has announced a 12-month business rates holiday for all businesses entitled to retail relief, in addition to those already receiving 100% small business rate . Therefore any business which is registered to pay business rates with a rateable value up to £51,000 receiving retail relief on their latest bill will not have to make any payment for the next year . The council will not be debiting any accounts that meet the criteria but if your business does not pay by Direct Debit please note you are not required to make payment. Your rateable value is clearly shown on your last bill but if you need to check your rateable value please go to

Any business operating in the hospitality, leisure and nursery sector and liable for business rates will be entitled to a payment holiday. Please do not make any payments if your business operates is in these areas regardless of your rateable value. The council will not process Direct Debits for any business clearly identified as being in this sector. In addition to payment holidays there will be grants available of £10,000 for those businesses registered to pay business rates in Hillingdon in receipt of Small Business Rate relief, or Retail Relief, where they have a rateable value up to £15,000.

Those businesses receiving Retail Relief to help with payment of their business rates with rateable values between £15,001 and £51,000 will have grants of £25,000 available. In order to receive these grants you need to be liable for the business rates at your premises.

If you believe you qualify for a Small Business Relief £10,000 grant or a Retail ,Leisure or Hospitality Grant of either £10,000 for rateable values up to and including £15,000, or £25,000 for rateable values between £15,001 and £51,000please complete the form on the


Once you have completed the form, the details will be sent to us automatically. We are committed to processing payments as quickly as possible. We are making payments daily and allocating all the available resource to ensure we make them quickly as we realise how important they are to businesses.

Please do not send chasing emails, as this diverts resources and will reduce the number of daily payments.

If we have a query regarding your form which is delaying payment, we will email you for information.

Please be aware that some companies are offering services to assist in applying for the grant for a fee: this is a scam. The online form is to confirm your company details to enable the payment to be made to you and if you are eligible, you will receive the grant without payment of any fee.

Read more on the government’s business support website.

The council is awaiting the final details from the government but plans to pay these grants as soon as possible.

Please note that you can now obtain information regarding your business rates account via our online service. You can sign into your business rates account to:

• view your up to date account information
• check your balance, payments and bills
• switch to paperless billing
• update your contact details

Please see link below

and follow the login instructions

The Council’s website provides general information and forms in respect Business Rates and how to apply for reliefs and exemptions.

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