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Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce was established in 1908 to work in the interests of the local business community and to help them achieve their full business potential.  The Committee is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who have expertise and experience in the private, public and voluntary sector who meet on a monthly basis.   The group is headed by the Chairman, Mike Langan, who has held the position for over 10 years.  The Chamber has ties with West London Business and works in partnership with many local organisations such as Heathrow Airports Limited, Ward Williams, Uxbridge College and Brunel University. 

The Committee

Maggie Chandler

Chamber Manager

Pally Randhawa

Joint Vice-Chair & IT Advisor

Catherine Heppelthwaite

Committee Member - Charities & Community Advisor 

julie rEes

Committee Member

David Ferroussat

Committee Member

Les Drussel

Committee Member

The Chair

Joint Vice-Chair & Legal Advisor

Laraine Smith

Joint Vice-Chair & Education Advisor

+44 (0) 1895 545 940