“A team of specialist detectives here to protect people and businesses in London from all complex cyber crime and fraud”

The traditional approach of reactive policing to fraud and cyber crime has meant that in the past victims have been failed on the basis of ‘jurisdictional’ investigation by police forces, the lack of priority placed on such crimes and the perceived difficulties of investigating cyber crime and internet enabled fraud offences. FALCON is the MPS response to such problems.

Since its inception in 2014, FALCON has sought a world leading response to fraud and cyber crime establishing London as a hostile city for fraudsters and cyber criminals. Reactive and proactive units provide enforcement capabilities across the city whilst preventative units provide effective awareness campaigns and innovative problem solving through public and private partnerships.

The Cyber Protect Team sit within the preventative arm of FALCON and seek to reduce the vulnerability of the public as well as private and voluntary organisations by providing coordinated, consistent and timely advice to those who are targeted by serious and organised crime. They form part of a national network of officers who are specially trained to advise and educate the public and business in the areas of cyber security and information assurance.

The team engage with industry, government and academia to establish the best methods of tackling cyber threats across the UK. They seek to change attitudes and behaviours towards cyber crime by encouraging the reporting of it to Action Fraud and the sharing of intelligence through the Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP).

The Cyber Protect Team can provide general cyber security advice at businesses, public events and conferences. They can also provide, on request, specific tailored advice and awareness training to London businesses across all areas of industry.

On Thursday 26th May 2016 detectives from the Cyber Protect Team will be available to provide awareness advice on fraud and cyber crime, as well as answering any questions you may have on the subject. They will also be available to take requests to attend your business and provide a tailored assessment on the ‘human elements’ of your security policy, which in the past has highlighted areas often overlooked by technical assessments.

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