If you would like some plain-speaking jargon-free technical support, please call Daniel on 020 3411 4445 or see www.digitalred.com for a bit more information.  If you’d just prefer to see more photos of Timothy instead, he has his own page here.

Technical support for small businesses

Digital Red specialises in technical support for small businesses, homeworkers and individuals. It is based in Ruislip Manor in Middlesex – 15 miles north west of Central London with customers locally, throughout London, around the country and all over the world.

Digital Red is run by Daniel O’Neill, who has over 20 years’ experience in IT and 15 years’ experience of working with the Internet.   He is a member of Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce and has worked as a sole trader full-time in Internet Development and Technical Support since 1998.

Broadband and modern remote support software often means that problems can be effectively and efficiently discussed and fixed without the need for a visit in person, saving time and money (and getting things fixed more quickly), but if a visit is necessary, you may get to meet Digital Red’s official apprentice, Timothy.  He loves going to work – barely able to contain his excitement when taking the train:

Contact: Daniel O'Neill

32 Ashburton Road
Ruislip Manor

Tel:  020 3411 4445

Email: info@digitalred.com

Website: http://www.digitalred.com/

Member: Digital Red

Of course, he doesn’t travel without an appointment, but if you’d like to meet him, be sure to check that he is available at the same time as Daniel visits your offices.  Sometimes he’s a help, but on long days, things get a bit much and he just can’t wait to go home again.

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