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Cloud Services
Out of the Blue is ImageStor’s hosted service. It enables users to view, edit, add or delete files and comes with a full audit trail of user activity.  It’s simply a fixed user price per month which is inclusive of all maintenance.  Data is available 24/7 – 365 days a year. 

Secure Disposal Services
ImageStor offers a secure paper disposal service where paper files are collected from clients premises using our own vans and drivers.
This service is offered to existing storage and scanning clients as well as for clients who simply just need to use the service.
Papers/files for secure disposal must be placed in sealed boxes, bags or sacks.
ImageStor can supply sacks for loading purposes if required.
A signed/dated certificate is issued on completion for audit trail purposes.

Commercial Storage
ImageStor offers a managed service for all goods that need collecting or returning - this can be anything from light furniture to goods that SME’s or Department within Local Authorities wishes to have stored off-site. 

Box Supplies
ImageStor offer boxes for archive/storage and office moves Boxes available are:-

Regular Size Double Edged Archive Box
Dimensions:          420mm x 310mm x 308mm  (LxWxH) 

Medium Size Storage Box
Dimensions:          457mm x 332mm x 330mm  (LxWxH) 

Large Size Double Edged Storage Box
Dimensions           457mm x 457mm x 498mm  (LxWxH) 

Scanning Services
Scanning of any type of paper file can take place either on-site at your own premises or off-site at one of our bureaux.
Operators can be hired on-site for tasks such as:-

-   Pre/Post Scanning Document Preparation
-   Listing Files in boxes
-   Scanning
-   Data Input (indexing) 

You can scan as little or as much as you would like to.
The scanned images and the metadata (i.e. the search fields) can be returned on DVD, Memory Stick, USB drive or returned via sftp for upload onto your own servers or viewed in the Cloud! 

Box Storage
All different box sizes can be stored at ImageStor. If space is tight and a room or area can be put to better use then ImageStor can transfer them to our secure sites in North London and Bristol.

Operator Hire
ImageStor Operators can be hired for a variety of different tasks for short, medium or long term periods.
Clients hire our operators to cover workloads during holidays, absenteeism or for urgent projects.

Services covered are:-
Box Loading/Listing Service
Pre/Post Scanning Document Preparation
Data Input 

Conversion Services
Traditionally data has been stored on a multitude of different medias and microforms.
If there is any historical VHS, audio tapes, microfilms or microfiche that need converting to pdf to ensure continuous retrieval of the data at a later date then ImageStor can provide these services