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The Chamber recommends that our members seek professional advice from an independent financial adviser (IFA) or their accountant on this matter

Increase in the minimum wage

In the July Budget the government proposed increasing the minimum wage  to £7.20 per hour. This is the so called  ‘Living wage’.

Currently the minimum wage is £6.70 per hour  ( effective 01/10/2015).

The feedback was that this increase in wages would effect many smaller businesses who would not be able to pass on the additional costs.

Permitted Development - Office blocks being converted into Flats

Office blocks being converted into residential flats would appear to be widespread throughout the London Boroughs. This is leading to shortages of office space for growing businesses.  As a consequence, some businesses  are having to move out of their current location to get the office space they need in order to expand.

European Referendum

A European In/Out referendum has been promised by the government by the end of 2017.

How will an exit from the EU effect our businesses?

Presently there has not been enough discussion nationally or locally on the Pros and Cons of each argument for the chambers to make any particular recommendation.

       Please let us have your views and comments on the above article.

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Meeting with the Bank Of England

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The Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce (HCC) is affiliated with the London Local Chambers of Commerce Forum (LLCCF).

This September HCC attended the LLCCF annual meeting with the Bank of England (BOE). The BOE is keen to get grassroots feedback on commercial activities and other issues effecting businesses in the local London boroughs.

Some of the key issues for the London chambers and their members would appear to be

Pensions Auto-Enrolment

The government has rolled out a timetable for implementation of this new pension scheme. The key issue for members is (1) how to set it up and (2) the costs involved of setting it up and running it.

It is another financial burden on small business.

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